Building bridges between suppliers and end customers is part of our vision to contribute to developing a new and better “world of food”. For this reason, we have developed the followfish principle (link to the followfish principle in the sustainability glossary). Its main message is that we would like to put an end to the (in our opinion) outrageous but common practice of concealing, masking or simply not mentioning the origin of food. By entering the code (tracking code) printed on every followfish package on our website, every end consumer is able to exactly see where the purchased product comes from. This not only makes our sustainability promise completely verifiable but also lends a face to our suppliers and puts them to the place they actually deserve: into the limelight!

1) Find the tracking code on your packaging,

2) insert it into the search field,

3) and see, how and where your fish was caught.

Example code F101420.

Tracking Code