About us

Hardly any brand had such a (positive) influence on the market in the last few years like followfish. But who are we? In what do we believe? What are our visions? Why do we regard ourselves as “NGO” among the brands? Read more on this here….

What is followfish?

Followfish is not a brand but a movement; a movement that stands for transparency, sustainability and real taste; a movement that is synonymous with a different world of food, where the suppliers are lent a face again; a world where resources are not wasted but saved and handled holistically and sustainably; a world where we live from returns again instead of the substance.

Who is followfish?

Followfish was founded in 2007 in Friedrichshafen am Bodensee by the team of fish & more GmbH, a team of highly experienced and passionate fish vendors. The founding vision was to prove that sustainability and real taste are no attributes that are just accepted by the customers as “nice to have” but are strong enough to initiate a whole movement.


Since 2009, followfish has been the official partner of WWF Germany. The entire product range complies with the WWF sustainability criteria. All traded products are “green” according to the WWF shopping guide.

In 2009 and 2010, celebrity chef Sarah Wiener promoted followfish and created amazing recipes for us, which can be found here.